Saturday, 29 October 2016

World Psoriasis Day 2016 - introducing #getyourskinout community events

Happy World Psoriasis Day #WPD16!! Today marks OUR celebration day living with #psoriasis. It’s a day of celebration for all of us living with psoriasis and to acknowledge the HUGE achievements we have made this year getting psoriasis on the health agenda and being the empowered individual!

Today @getyourskinout and I launch our big surprise: #getyourskinout events!! We’re launching the first of its kind, a series of psoriasis meet ups for you, and with you. We want to bring this fantastic community together face-to-face, and give you access to leading health care professionals, to discuss everything in and around psoriasis. How cool is that?

Holly and I will be bringing our contacts together to give you advice from and access to the best dermatologists, nutritionists, sex therapists and mental health therapists (to name a few). These events are about breaking down barriers so TOGETHER we can empower ourselves with the information we need to manage our psoriasis, and help put psoriasis on the health agenda.

Our first event will launch in London on February 4th 2017, with a further three events planned that year. The location and layout of these events are still to be decided, and that’s where you come in. As our community, we want you to help shape these. So, we need to hear from you… where are you based, where would you be willing to travel and who do you want to hear from? Over the next few months we’ll be hosting a series of Twitter and Instagram chats and Facebook Live events to gather your feedback so we can start 2017 with the biggest, most positive psoriasis bang!

These events will be free to attend and tickets for the London event are available now, so reserve your spot now. You’ll also notice an option to donate – we’re currently self-funding these events so any small donations would be hugely appreciated.
So what are you waiting for? Share your#psoriasis pic, sign up to the event, save the date, bring your friends, family and colleagues and of course spread the word. Let’s get #getyourskinout trending for World Psoriasis Day and UK Psoriasis Awareness Week.

Link to the event here:  

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